Kuehn projs

Kuehn Projects | Web

This website was completely built from scratch using a web framework called Ruby on Rails. Doing it this way was a much better decision because it gives me everything I need without the bloat of WordPress add-ons. Building the website myself gives me complete control over how I get to use the site. I'd recommend this process to anyone needing a very specific purpose met. The website can be as big or small as you'd like because Ruby on Rails makes it very easy to build and iterate quickly on ideas.

Sagu nwa

Sagu NWA | Web

I built this website for a local church. They needed a way to educate and help kids learn about educational options and internships they had available. This website wanted to stand out so I created a fun theme that connects with people viewing it. It was a great experience and I look forward to building more websites for them.

Tally swipe

Tally Swipe | iOS

Tally Swipe is used for keeping count of anything. The app uses sliding motions to count up and down instead of traditional button taps. Some people might prefer buttons but I found it easier to just keep my fingers on the screen to avoid missing a tap. During the time I built this app I was also running a window cleaning business which proved to be plenty of counting. We sometimes had large buildings with hundred of windows so it helped a ton! I was able to work out the kinks I thought other counting apps had and build one better.